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1/25 Update


>Please read<

Tuber sales will open shortly
-All tubers will ship within the next week. We may try and get some out today as we are in a very warm weather pattern.  If you are not experienced at storage, or ready to start growing, this may not be a good option for you.  Sorry we DO NOT offer spring shipping.
-Tuber sales will close February 4th.
-Heat Packs: If you want one in your package they are listed in the H category. Please add one to your order.  
-Please open and inspect your order within 48 hours! You may need to repack for your own storage conditions.
-We had a bunch of smaller tubers this round, so if a particular variety is only available as a smaller tuber it is noted under the tuber name in the description.  For many others we have included these smaller tubers FREE in the bags with the regular tubers. There are many many packages that are actually 2 tubers.
-For those who read to the bottom of this info please enjoy a 10 percent off coupon. Coupon code READ (minimum order for discount $25.00)


GIFT CARDS-If you would like to purchase a gift card please give us a call we are happy to mail them free of charge.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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