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November 3rd 2020

Thank you to all who have placed orders! We are going to extend the offer for November shipping a few more days, as the weather is still holding. The last day to order for early fall shipping is November 8th 8:00 PM. You can still order after that date/time for *SPRING* shipping. We have also had a lot of requests wanting to know if anything will come back in stock. We do a recount in January and if there is any extra extra left, they will be relisted. We will, of course, make a post on Facebook when the website is updated again.

We only sell tubers that we grow here, on our farm. Our website does keep a running inventory. Unlike other sellers that will zero you on items in the spring, as soon as your order comes in to us, we pull it and pack specifically for you (yes even months before shipping). The only time you will ever have a item not shipped is in the rare case something rots over winter.

Our Guarantee

Tubers will have a live eye, be true to name and received in good condition.

We are inspected by Dept of Agriculture yearly to ensure we are free of pests and disease.


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25615 W. Hallett Rd.

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