Shipping: We have two options, Fall and Spring.

FALL SHIPPING: Will be most likely be November 2nd. There may possibly be some going out earlier, depending on how large/complicated the order is.

SPRING SHIPPING: We generally ship every other Monday in March and April. All orders must go out by the end of April. Sorry NO May shipping available.

Multiple orders/Changes: Sorry we will NO LONGER combine orders! This is a common request every year for people who want to combine multiple orders, add, take away or substitute something they have ordered. Please remember when you order we pull that order and get it packaged specifically for you within a few days. We literally wasted days of man power last year going through a giant list of everyone's changes/additions/combinations of multiple orders.

Tuber Guarantee: We guarantee them to have a live eye and be true to form. We do not guarantee against failing due to growing conditions, weather, etc. Tubers are shipped dormant but all are inspected for a live eye before being shipped. If you are a beginning dahlia grower the eye may be hard for you to see. You can begin to warm them up before planting to see the eye more pronounced. Any issues with product received damaged needs to be noted WITHIN 7 days of receiving your
package! If you wait two months to open your box and all are rotted or shriveled we will not issue a refund (Yes it happens).

Packaging: The tubers you will received are packaged for our dry climate and may very well need to be re-packaged for yours if you are not planting right away. We use a variety of packaging material to ship tubers during colder weather including fiberglass insulation. If this bothers, you please do not ask for early shipping. We also regularly use heat packs when needed. These are provided at no cost.

Contacting us: If you have a question, the *BEST* way to contact us is via email. I am not always able to answer questions on the phone when out in the field, especially about specific orders etc.

Shipping costs are based on order totals. Shipping costs are listed below:

$0 - $36 = $8.50

$36 - $150 = $15.50

$150 - $300 = $19.50

$300 - $600 = $38

$600+ = $55