Do you use rebar in your garden? Ever nearly had an eye poked out by it, or had it attack you in some other way because you just can't see those little spear points sticking up?


Well, the solution here! These little 3D printed rebar caps make the end of the rebar much more visible, thereby making it easier to avoid painful impalement. These stylish and attractive rebar caps make the ends of the rebar in your garden not only visible, but good looking as well! Drastically reduce the chance of an accident with the addition of these caps.

The caps currently only fit number 3 rebar (3/8th of an inch) however, new sizes will be added soon. The, 'stem', of the caps is extra large, to fit rebar that has deformed from being pounded into the ground. The caps average 4 1/2" in height, and look *FAR* better than anything on a home improvement stores shelves :)
There are 10 rebar caps in each bundle.
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