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Tall Grass Farms is a small, family owned and operated nursery and flower farm located just outside of Medical Lake, WA. The business is owned and operated by Scott and Nicki Farrell.

Tall Grass Farms started in 2008 when Nicki decided to supplement Scott's military income with a business of her own. She had always loved dahlias and decided to turn that love into profit.

After having disappointing experiences with other growers, she decided she could do better. Her goal was to offer the absolute best dahlia tubers she could possibly produce.

The plan was to originally sell just dahlia tubers. Although Scott was skeptical, the business began to grow. Recognizing even more potential, Nicki decided to include flower bouquets into her sales, as well.

The plan was moving along and Scott's skepticism had disappeared. Wanting something to fill in the gap between tuber planting and bloom harvesting, Nicki decided to start some vegetable plants as well.

Before either one of us realized it, we had become a full sized, full service, nursery! Growing a few tomato plants and flowers has now grown into thousands of varieties of annuals, perennials, succulents and dahlias!

We are proud to provide the local community with a broad selection of vegetable starts and succulents in the spring and a bountiful crop of beautiful dahlia blooms in the summer and fall. We also serve our online customer base with dahlia tubers. Although we are constantly trying new varieties of dahlias, our focus is on those that produce the best cut flowers.

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